Fact-Checking Policy

At Taazatime Hindi, we are dedicated to publishing accurate and reliable information across all our content. We adopt rigorous methods to ensure the accuracy of our reporting, which include investigating claims with a critical eye, questioning assumptions, and challenging conventional wisdom.

Commitment to Accuracy

Accuracy is fundamental to our reputation and the trust of our audience. Our commitment to due accuracy means that our information must be adequate and appropriate for its context, considering the subject and nature of the content. We explicitly mention any constraints that may affect the expected accuracy.

Source Verification

All our content, as appropriate to its subject and nature, must be well-sourced, based on available evidence, and corroborated. We strive to be transparent about what we don’t know and avoid unfounded speculation. Our journalists are prohibited from plagiarizing or deliberately distorting facts or context, including visual information.

Independent Verification

We seek independent verification from sources to confirm claims, information, and allegations, especially those made by public officials or individuals with agendas beyond merely reporting the truth. Claims, allegations, and other material facts that cannot be corroborated are usually attributed to their sources.

Corrections and Updates

Taazatime Hindi stands by the accuracy of the information it publishes. If proven otherwise, we promptly update the content. We do not knowingly mislead our audience or distort facts, and we acknowledge and correct serious factual errors quickly and transparently. We provide the public with a fair opportunity to report inaccuracies via the ‘Suggest A Correction’ section at the end of each web story.

Editorial Review and Fact-Checking

Our journalists’ primary responsibilities include reporting, writing, and fact-checking stories. Each story undergoes review by one or more editors. Taazatime Hindi employs a multi-level fact-checking structure for stories that require due diligence. The seniority of editors reviewing a story prior to publication depends on the complexity, sensitivity, and time constraints of the content.

Correction Policies

While Taazatime Hindi continually strives for excellence and accuracy, we acknowledge that errors may occur. When these errors are made, we take full responsibility for correcting them and maintaining high transparency levels to ensure that incorrect information does not spread.

Reader Responsibility

If a reader spots an error, they should contact the editor-in-chief immediately via email, phone, mail, or in person. Corrections must be submitted directly to the editor-in-chief to ensure timely and proper addressing.

Correction Process

Once an error is reported, the editor-in-chief will investigate using the provided information, meeting minutes, reporter’s recordings, and other available sources. If an error is confirmed, corrections will be made as follows:

  • Print: Corrections will be printed in the next issue, specifying the issue, article, and incorrect information along with the correction.
  • Website: The article will be corrected, and an editor’s note will be added to the bottom, detailing the correction and when it was made.
  • Social Media: A post will be made linking to the corrected article, noting the correction.

After the correction, the editor-in-chief will inform the reader who submitted the correction about the steps taken to rectify the error.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need to report an inaccuracy, please contact our editor-in-chief

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